Dividend Altice

Aandeel : Altice
Dividend: geen
Beurs: AMX
Dividendrendement: 0,0 %
Prognose dividend: € 0,00
Dividendbeleid: Altice N.V. (the “Company”) has not paid any dividends since its incorporation. In future years, the Company intends to assess the relevance of paying dividends in light of its strategy to prioritise value-enhancing acquisitions or investments in its infrastructure or portfolio of rights. Within this framework, the Company will at times consider returning capital to the shareholders through ordinary and exceptional dividend as well as share buy-backs if deemed adequate on the basis of its review of the opportunity set for acquisitions or development projects.


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Dividend per Jaar

Dividend Bedrag
2017 € 0,00
2016 € 0,00
2015 € 0,00
2014 € 0,00
2013 € 0,00